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How to lose belly fat with exercise 7 minutes a day for seven days combine with healthy eating its guaranteed you lose weight in a healthy way. Take the quiz

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This is a seven-minute workout that you followed this for seven days to lose between one to two inches from your waist. As a qualified weight loss expert and fitness trainer with over 25 years of experience, I know what works.

So I’ve put together this program you follow it exactly for seven days and I’ve had such an incredible response on Facebook social media that I decided to create it as a video for you in real-time. now if you haven’t done a warm-up hit the pause button now March on the spot for one minute if not we will get straight into this seven-minute workout so the first move we’ve got coming up.

You’ve got ten seconds before it starts just so you can see the move we are just doing the straight leg kicks and taking the opposite hand towards the foot you’re going to be doing this for a duration of 60 seconds. So the key thing with this is to keep your back nice and straight and this exercise routine that I’ve designed for you is going to be doing two things we’re going to look at doing calorie-burning.

So we are going to be reducing any excess of body fat which means we’re going to be helping to reduce any belly fat then also all these exercises that I’ve specifically created for you are going to be toning and strengthening and sculpting through your waist and your tummy muscles alright that’s good.

so you’re doing another 30 seconds so the aim is you are going to do this workout seven days in a row so for the first day today you can have my voice on so you can hear the narration and the coaching than when you do day two day three day four etc. you can mute me and have on your favorite music but please promise me you do this for seven days. I know you are going to love the results and let’s go last five seconds four three two and one alright so move number two you’ve got a ten-second preview before we start I’m gonna hold the arms up in front and you’re just going to take one foot from one side to the other.

it’s called a pendulum swing if you don’t like doing impact and jumping you can just step that from one side to the other so this one here we are gaining. we are helping to increase your calorie burn we’re toning through your waist we’re working through those abdominals. it’s good and we’re just doing it non-stop again we are that duration of 60 seconds but you’re already 20 seconds down you just got 40 seconds to go and keep thinking about the benefits remember in life if you put in 100% you get in results of 100% back.

So that’s where I really want you to focus this week I’m doing this for seven days non-stop and also aim to do it first thing in the morning that way you have then preset your metabolism your calorie burn for the rest of the day all right that’s good and we’ve just got lost 10 seconds coming up now of this move. So let’s just keep going it’s feeling challenging but just think you’re increasing your heart health your fitness your well-being. Learn more at here.

So we are doing more than dropping the inches all right we’ve got three let’s go two and one so move number three that we’re going to be doing this one we’re going to reach up tall and walk out if you find it too hard to come all the way down onto the ground what I suggest you do this move standing close to a sofa and you can then just walk your hands out onto the sofa and then come back up if you find it too hard to come all the way down onto the ground so we’re walking out so this one again we are still increasing your calorie burn and we’re performing an exercise which is also then going to help to really strength and develop those tummy muscles that’s good read more…